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Tahlali's Journal (01-01-2003)

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 3:48 pm    Post subject: Tahlali's Journal (01-01-2003) Reply with quote

Quick Info
Start Location: The Court of the Sun
Attendance: Tatania, Wulf, Robyn, Jaerna, Sascha, Richard (showed up late), Terik (who was subsequently killed), and Sirol the Enchanter (replacement of Terik)

Of getting scepters and old men.

We finally manged to find and rescue Ru'Talan. He was encased in some sort of amber stasis cocoon. The same room in which we found him, we found a Herald of Drugash named Terik. Apparently Terik was visiting with Ru'Talan when he was captured and was taken as well.

While talking to us, Ru'Talan summons up a small ornate chest and then pressing a button on it summons in a much larger version of it. He then proceeds to tell us that he is currently unable to help us much and needs to do just a little more research on the items before he will know what to do.

With that we look to finding the scepter which is through a glowing green portal down a different corridor.

Cautiously stepping through we find ourselves being assaulted shortly by a rather familiar wizard. With a little quick casting the party is all hasted just before the wizard again attacks the party. This time with a Prismatic Spray unfortunately turning me into stone.

I'm told by my companions that the fight was not a particularly easy one but once the wizard is run off by a rather nasty spell. Apparently at very close to this point in time the cleric in the room (who was chanting something when we entered) revives the winter wight at the far end of the room with the scepter we had come to claim. This was all for naught as Jaerna, calling on the powers of the cloak, throws a fire seed acorn (maximized) at the wight and completely immolates it, but not before it manages to touch, kill, and destroy Terik.

With a last couple of mighty stones cast by Tatania the battle was ended and the scepter retrieved.

It was another couple of days before they figured out a way from the rooms in which the battle took place as the portal had closed when the winter wight was revived. But, with a little bit of thought, the manage to get the entire party back to Ravensport with the help of Sirul, another friend of Ru'Talan's.

Of artifacts and destruction

After a couple of days spent in Ravensport we have finally met with Ru'Talan again. I have taken the time to scribe a few scrolls to replenish supplies. It is a pity I didn't have more time to consider creating some items for the party.

Ru'Talan has informed us that the items that we have been searching for, which are needed to destroy the seals of evil, are none other than the seals themselves. I sure hope that this destruction thing is a good idea...

Each item is bound to the spirit of some creature. When the item is destroyed the creature will appear and must be destroyed as well. If any item, or creature is still around within 24 hours of the destruction of any of the items, or creatures, the item will reform. So much for taking care of things one day at a time.

With this information we decide that it is time to do the duty for which we have worked so long. With a little bit of planning we head out into the wilderness so as not to endanger any towns.

A recipe for destruction

How to bake your own destruction.
1) Go out into the wilderness with 5 dangerous artifacts and the knowledge that you will most likely be killed
2) Destroy a candle by burning it with a particular cloak of flame...
3) Destroy the succubus that lives inside quickly
4) Burn a cloak of flame with a special candle that never goes out...
5) Fight a huge salamander and the huge fire elemental it summons
6) Wish that you could avoid being grabbed by things 20 times your size and used as a baby's rattle.
7) Kill off said salamander and elemental
8) Cut a candle in twain with a very seedy ring. Remember, leaving ring on a party members hand is not beneficial to party member, it's a good idea to forcefully remove it with a katana before you leave for the wilderness
9) Fight and destroy the merelith that appears, don't forget that other merelith summoned in
10) Regroup
11) Place ring on flat, hard ground, hit ring with a scepter of darkness
12) Proceed to be stunned by the dark naga that emerges from the ring.
13) Stand around stunned while your party fights the naga
14) Stand around stunned while the naga flees and throws chain lightening back into the party
15) Die from shocking experience
16) Wait in limbo while party kills naga
17) Be resurrected and told that the scepter needs to be destroyed, right now
18) Wish you knew how you were going to get the creature in the scepter out to destroy it's prison
May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. ~ Excerpt from the start of Saint Theresa's Prayer
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