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Steve Cook

Steve has been playing D&D in its various incarnations since 1993, and has even managed to DM a few times. He works for a major technology company in Washington, where he lives and games (and often wonders why the two can't just make his life easy by combining). His favorite characters have been: Damien Brightblade (human Blade), Simon (human priest of Pelor), and Burne (current character, see below). Steve is often asking questions that spawn long debates about the mechanics or logistics of a rule, because he is infernally curious, and hasn't figured out when to keep his mouth shut...

Steve is currently playing two characters: Wulf (human Rogue) in the Kent campagin, (after the untimely demise of Burne at the axes of guardian statues), and Cedric Quezada (human Rogue) in a once-monthly campaign.

Characters played:

Wulf (human Rogue)

Wulf is (was?) a scout for the Ninth Free Company of Gryphondor. This mercenary troop was a rag-tag conglomeration of races, classes, and abilities that somehow managed to pull through some of the most unbelievable situations and come out ahead. He only recently joined up with this group, having grown up in a city to the northeast. He was intrigued by the group, and asked if his services at stealthy approach might find a use.

Growing up, Wulf's favorite game was hide-and-sneak. While the other kids were "seeking" him, he was sneaking up on the baker's trays to gather a fresh, hot roll before slinking back to the "base". When the local guild saw him, they immediately set him to work on minor burglaries. Given that he didn't have much of a family other than the other street children, he was glad to have this new family to live for.

One day, on one of his rare days off, Wulf strolled into a public performance being put on by a group of Shadow-Dancers. Their ability to fade from sight was something that he immediately envied, and he has been working on achieving that level of skill ever since. When the Free Company of Gryphondor came through, he thought to set out on his own and see what fortune had in store for him.

The Ninth agreed to take him on (something about having just lost one of their junior scouts to an ambush), to see if he would fit in without having to actually pledge into the troop. Upon returning from a scouting excursion, Wulf found the camp deserted, with signs of a massive struggle but no bodies of friend or foe. Knowing that the troop was going to be meeting at the fair that was slated to start in a few weeks' time, Wulf and his partner began cautiously making their way west. Unfortunately, they were caught by a tribe of orcs, who killed his partner, and took him prisoner. For some reason, they didn't take his gear, and he was rescued by a group who was cleansing the hold of orcs themselves.

In combat, Wulf tends to prefer his rapier, although he is not shy of using his hand crossbow if he can safely get a shot or two off before his opponent(s) close to melee range.

Physical description:
Wulf is a human male, about 17 or 18 years old.
He stands 5'10", and weighs approximately 150#.
His brown hair looks like it would blend well with road dust,
but his green eyes don't appear to miss much that happens around him.
He wears a mithril chain shirt, standard adventuring gear, and is armed with a rapier and a hand crossbow.

Wulf's writings:

  1. Glossing Over the Details (Februrary 21, 2001)
  2. Working over Demons in the Temple (May 02, 2001)
  3. Freeing the Town (May 16, 2001)
  4. Fun at sea (August 08, 2001)
  5. Exploring Level 4 (October 24, 2001)
  6. Observations (February 20, 2002)
  7. Enhancing their stillness (July 10, 2002)
  8. Delayed blast storytime (July 28, 2002)

Burne (human Rogue / Sorcerer) [dead]

Burne is the youngest son of a minor noble human family in {hey, Shoe...this is part of why I need to know what world we're in -- I need to know what city/county/whatever my family's from...}. A couple of years ago, he saw a wandering troupe of {and I need to know what we're calling Shadowdancers in this campaign}, and was enamored of their performance. The way they could appear right at the front of the stage, without magic, without any visible means of moving from the rear of the stage to the front, intrigued him. Recently, he was overcome by wanderlust, and went in search of the skills needed to become like the performers he saw.

When wandering through one town small enough to hardly merit the name, he encountered several other adventurers, which is detailed in the first writing, below, titled "Burne Recounts the Start".

Recently, Burne developed the ability to cast spells, and he has been exploring that. His favorite spell of the moment is the one which allows him to put his personal mark (a stylized gold B, with red-orange flames leaping from the top, blue-white icicles dangling from the bottom, and a silver-white lightning bolt across the center) on things. He started with his signet ring, and has been "signing" things with it since.

In combat, Burne tends to prefer his hand crossbow and his freezing ray spell. He also carries a mace, daggers, and a chilling touch spell.

Physical description:
Burne is a human male, 19 years old.
He stands 6' even, and weighs about 160#.
With black hair and green eyes, he has a strong presence.

Burne's writings:

  1. Burne Recounts the Start (October 11, 2000)

Having just attained his fourth character level, Burne has realized that to attain his dream of becoming a {Shadowdancer}, he needs to refocus his efforts away from spellcasting and back to subterfuge. He still enjoys the spells he has discovered, and is exploring the fascinating link with the eagle-owl that he summoned to be his familiar.