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Robin Gillispie

Player: Robin Kirk Gillispie (Robin of Locksley)
Age: 27 Maturity: Probably much lower
Birthplace: London, England, UK

Robin of Locksley has been playing D&D in some form since he was 9 and picked up the OLD Basic Set (the purple and green box) at a garage sale for $2. The Keep on the Borderlands was his first module and his sentimental favorite. Locksley joined up with his current gaming groups at Pacific Lutheran University, where he fell in love with Dragonlance (after losing the DM's collector's edition of the trilogy). He loves the breadth and depth of the Forgotten Realms and enjoys Greyhawk but firmly believes his favorite settings are the ones created by the DM.

Locksley loves wizards. All kinds of wizards. Wizards are by FAR his favorite class. Actually, weird-assed multiclass combinations centering around spellcasting are his favorite, but if you're wondering what he's playing, guessing wizard is a safe bet. There's definitely something amazing about playing a character who can reshape reality as his far as his will and imagination will let him. Of course, Locksley's imagination frequently results in near-suicidal plans, but it still takes a wizard and magic to make most of them happen.

Locksley has left his companions for the time being. Currently a graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University, Locksley is in his second year of his anthropology and archaeology degree. He doesn't particularly like New Mexico, or where he's living, but insists that the school is great and he is enjoying academic life again.

Characters played:

Nirjai (human Wizard) [left company]

A young wizard starting out to make a name for himself, Nirjai wanted greatness and glory. He sought to turn those commodities into power in the form of his on academy of magic. A friend of Tatania the Bard, Nirjai followed in her travels, hoping the two would both achieve success. Sadly, in his first few battles, Nirjai slipped away in the night to contemplate his professional choice. His dreams dashed Nirjai vanished into obscurity.

Andranar (human Ranger) [died Goodmonth 22]

Once a proud member of the Drovdalian King's Rangers, Andranar deserted that unit after the king was assassinated to pursue the killers on his own. Andranar's father disapproved of his son's methods but was proud of him for standing by his convictions. Andranar, a skilled warrior and cunning scout, met up with Burne and his party and joined their little quest. Venturing into an ancient dwarven stronghold with his party, Andranar met his death while trying to protect his comrades from a pair of fearsome Grik, which ambushed his company.

Andranar's writings:

  1. Andranar's letter to his father (October 25, 2000)

Ash (halfling Rogue / Necromancer)

Ash was a happy halfling rogue, content to lift purses from fat merchants in the woods near his home and enjoy a comfortable, simple life with his wife and baby daughter. Unfortunately, Ash returned one evening to find his village burning, his family and friends murdered, and his life destroyed. A cabal of wizards numbering five had come to the village looking for something. The village either resisted the cabal or couldn't produce the item and was destroyed. Ash, enraged, savagely struck down one of the wizards, an over-confident necromancer. Ash began trying to track the remaining wizards down while he pored over the necromancer's tomes, learning the rudiments of magic until he met up with another wizard. This mage, a dark man with evil intentions, tutored Ash until he could proceed on his own. Ash became a necromancer, growing rapidly in strength. He sought nothing less than the destruction of the four surviving wizards and vowed to let no one stand in his way.

Ash, once a carefree soul became dark and bitter, though he tried to cling to the warm memories he has of his family. Though not evil, Ash could be single-minded in his purpose and was willing to be "morally flexible" on the matter of his revenge. Ash found a new group of beings he'd call friends in a party of adventurers he discovered in the bowels of an ancient dwarven fortress. Captured by orcs, he'd killed his captors after they let their guard down and made his way into the darkness. Meeting up with a very diverse group, led by a beautiful halfling bard of enormous skill, Ash joined their company and decided to share the road with them for a time. Secretly, he found the halfling bard, Tatania, very attractive, but felt shame at his feelings when he remembers his lost family. He later came to realize that he loved her goodness and purity of spirit.

Still, for all his dark feelings and grim determination, Ash was courageous in the extreme, willing to be selfless in his courage, even foolhardy, and unceasing in his efforts to succeed. In addition, Ash always stood up for the helpless and weak. On a minor note, Ash discovered he could still laugh after robbing a few merchants in a tiny burg and leaving their purses in the privies. The locals became alarmed at the thought that someone would rob them in such a private and secluded place. From then on, all of the guards had to include privies on their patrols and that change alone made Ash smile for the first time in months.

Ash encountered the second of the five wizards in a small town. Along with his companions, they battled her organization and Ash confronted the sorceress and defeated her single-handedly. It was then that Ash made some realizations about the futility of hatred and revenge. Slowly, his attitudes began to change. Ash, unfortunately, was killed soon after by an evil cleric. The experience of death gave him the opportunity to reunite with his wife and child. Ash discovered that his destiny lay elsewhere and when his companions tried to return him to life, he allowed himself to be restored. To everyone's surprise, Ash's body vanished and the halfling ended up across the continent. A series of small adventures led him to the cavern tomb of the infamous halfling necromancer Tanalar. Tanalar created an artifact of enormous power and darkness, a staff, which was lost with his death. Ash tried to recover the artifact from the necromancer's tomb, but was attacked by his long-lost twin brother, Tethar. Tethar stabbed Ash with a poisoned blade and left him for dead, but Ash survived. Making his way to Ravensport, Ash spent the winter recovering from his wounds and studying under the archmage Drake, a necromancer of power and legend. Drake transported Ash back to the site of his death and Ash tracked down his companions. Rejoining them briefly, mostly to recover his tomes and repay some debts, Ash left his company in the darkness of night and began hunting his brother.

Tethar was working for another dark wizard, Jerin Turias, who planned to use the Staff of Tanalar to bribe a devil lord to lead his armies. Aided by a half-dragon named Hurasta, Jerin's plans were to raise an army of undead and use the bodies of his foes to grow in strength. However, Ash uncovered the plot and with the help of another group, managed to infiltrate Turias' stronghold. Tethar and Ash faced each other one last time, and although Tethar was a skilled rogue and assassin, he was no match for his twin and was slain. In the meantime, Hurasta ambushed Ash's party and with arcane arts and her vicious Dragonstaff, grievously wounded them, but Ash returned in time to drive her off with his own magic. Together, the party faced Turias and Hurasta. Though it cost the lives of two companions, Hurasta was slain and Turias defeated. Ash had his companions resurrected, and then parted ways. He spent that winter in Drake's laboratory; replenishing his magical items he'd sold to raise his friends, then began his journey back to find the Company of the Bright Star.

Though Ash used to be a jovial halfling, the darkness and sadness that consumed him for five years have left their mark. Much more somber and quiet, Ash is content to sit in the shadows of his friends and share their love. Despite being tiny, even for a halfling, Ash is a fierce combatant and usually doesn't hesitate to unload arcane might on his foes. In combat, Ash will use his Boots of Speed to enhance his ability to cast spells and can unload a devastating barrage of spells in less than a minute. Once his spells run out, he uses his bow to strike from a safe distance, though he has no compunctions about drawing his enchanted sword and jumping into the fray.

Ash's Physical Description: Ash is a halfling male, now 28 years old. He stands 2'8" and weighs 34 lbs. He has dark brown hair, straight and long, which he has tied into a tight braid that extends to the small of his back. His dark brown eyes are the color of fine chocolate. There are a few lines around the corners of his eyes, present much sooner than most halflings, are the remaining testament to the sadness of the past five years. Ash wears all-black outfits, usually appropriate for burglars. He carries a beautiful short sword that has a faint red glow when drawn and a polished ebony short bow. On his belt he has a dagger made from the fang of a black dragon he helped dispatch with the Company of the Bright Star. Although he usually wears them inside of his tunic, he has a leather cord with two signet rings, grim testament to his commitment to vengeance.

Ash's writings:

  1. Killing Tables "'Cause it bit me!" (January 31, 2001)

Drakkar (human Fighter) [left company]