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May 31, 2020

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Kevin Myers

I have been playing DND since 1995, as well as Vampire: The Masquerade. I have dabbled in storytelling for Vampire, both live action and table top. I am still in process of consideration about whether to continue my LARP campaign. Currently I do not have enough players to make it worthwhile. If anyone is interested they can post in the forums or email me at

It seems that I have gone through many characters during the last two years of the Bright Star Campaign. This is because I generally don't resurrect dead characters. I find variety to be nice, although I don't know yet what this does to group dynamics. (Hrm.....Off topic a little, sorry). I would like to thank, however, everyone in the group, especally DMShoe, for creating an inspiring and fun game.

I think that Sascha will be a character I stick with for a while, as I'm trying something completly different with her than with the other characters.

I now work for a company in Seattle called Pacific Studio as their purchasing agent, and my wonderful wife Jen and I just bought a house (Nov of 2002). We have a two year old golden lab, whom we spoil to no end.

Characters played:

Mailee and cat (elven Druid) [died Goodmonth 24]

Mailee's writings:

  1. Death of Mailee (January 03, 2001)

Thaleles Darkshine (elven) [dead]

Lyssiah Stormwhisper( elven Sorcerer / Fighter / Bladesinger) [dead]

Lyssiah's writings:

  1. Letter from Lyssiah (April 04, 2001)
  2. More Musings of a Bladesinger (July 11, 2001)

Sean Kell [dead]

Lucita [dead]


Sascha's writings:

  1. Coming Back to Camp (June 05, 2002)
  2. Sascha's Thoughts (October 23, 2002)