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Tatania (halfling Bard)

Found abandoned at The Cat Nap Inn with a medallion around her neck. The only discernable word is Tatania, hence her name. She was taken in by the kindly barkeep, Sabara, and raised as her daughter. When she was old enough, she earned her keep by helping around the inn.

Finding that she had a talent for song, she studiously observed all the bards and minstrels who came and performed at the inn. She practiced their songs while she did her chores. When she felt ready, she went to the local barding college to apply. They laughed in her face, saying that no respectable college would accept a halfling. Devastated, she returned home and spent the next few months in a depression, only occassionally finding herself humming a few of her favorite tunes.

Concerned about her daughter, Sabara spoke with Mak, a regular performer at the Cat Nap. Mak had always been fond of Tatania and he felt that he could help her. He began by befriending Tatania and slowly drew her out of her shell. When she had regained some of her confidence, Mak agreed to take her on as an apprentice.

After a tearful parting with Sabara, Mak and Tatania began their travels. Along the way, the untraveled halfing ran into many different types of people. Some accepted her, some did not. She vowed that she would gain the respect that people gave to Mak because he was a bard, not because of his race. WHen she had gained that respect (and the funds) she was determined to open a barding college of her own that would not discriminate against anyone.

When Mak had taught her all that he felt that he could, he parted from Tatania so that she might have advertures on her own that would inspire ballads or dances.

Along the way, she hoped to earn the respect of the bardic community, the funds for her college, and maybe, just maybe some answers to the mysterious medallioin that was left with her at the Cat Nap.

Tatania's writings:

  1. Tatania's Diary (November 08, 2000)
  2. Gather 'round children (January 17, 2001)