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Tahlali's Journal

Quick Info
Date: April 30, 2003
Start Location: Inside the Faine
Characters in Attendence: Tatania, Tahlali, Wulf, Roby, Jaerna, Sascha, Richard

(continued from previous session)...

After our prolonged combat with the golems finally over and we crawl out between the bars of our cage we find ourselves with nothing to do but go forward.

Just as we are figuring this out there is a very loud sound as Robyn and one of the mages from Drugash teleport into the faine. This is very disturbing for the entire party is positive that his body and the little bit of gear of his left was in the portable hole (aka portable graveyard). But after a joyous (but confusing reunion) the mage teleports away.

Upon entering the room to our north we are greeted by a voice that seemed both a bit confused and annoyed by our appearance. It turns out that the room is inhabited by the spirit of one Gaylord who was a companion to Oncaleous during his foray against the faine long ago.

Gaylord informs us that the spirits of those killed inside the faine can not leave (as if I didn't know that) and that if it hadn't been for that the evil that is infecting those in the region probably would not even exist for it has fed upon the anger and despair of the souls trapped here.

After telling us this he informs us that our companion Jaerna wishes to return to us (as she had fallen the day before and was frustrated with the local). Therefore Richard brings Jaerna back from the dead and informs us that the staff is nearly out of power, we shall have to be more careful.

With the entire party alive and together again we turn to leave the room after being told about how we must go about getting to the heart of the faine. Before we leave though we are asked to find the sword with the mark of Gaen on it and remove it from this foul location.

Having assured Gaylord that we would do what we can we continued on our and and found ourselves very shortly fending off a roomful of ropers. I was of litle use other than as roper bait for very early on in the combat they all attacked me and latched on draining off my strength and slowly pulling me towards their waiting maws. In some ways this was a blessing for my comrades though as it meant very few tentacles would be reaching out to attack them as they rushed in to kill them in a very short amount of time.

After finishing those horrid creatures off and Jearna waving a wand around me some to return my strength to me we set off again.

We didn't go very far however, two rooms away in fact, before we found ourselves in combat yet again. This time a couple of hags riding upon some very large metal construct spiders. We also found ourselves beset by a ogre mage who had decided that invisibility was the best way to get at us. I personally didn't like being shot at the way he was and proceeded to make sure that he wouldn't be casting any more spells while I was around.

Of course the simpleton (for that was what I turned him into) thought hanging around in the air and waving his sword was a good thing. It just made him plainly visible to the rest of my companions and we took care of him... after we dispatched the hags and their creations. The problem is, I don't know how we're going to fully dispatch the constructs as they keep regenerating.